Quantitative Research Evaluation & Measurement

Didi Fahey, Ph. D., earned her doctorate in Quantitative Research Evaluation and Measurement in Education at the Ohio State University, College of Education and Human Ecology in 2007. Contact:  dmf@qrem.info

Brian Fahey, M.A., holds advanced degrees in Education from the University of Iowa and the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Contact: brianf@qrem.info

As a member of the American Evaluation Association, all research and evaluations are conducted according the standards and ethics outlined and recommended by the association.

List of Services: 

  • Evaluation - Summative and Formative
  • Quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods
  • Impacts and Outcomes Evaluation
  • Research
    • Quantitative Comparisons
    • Item Research
    • Review of Academic Research
  • Assessment
    • Community Needs Assessments
    • Organizational and Programming Risk Assessments
    • Operational Process Assessments
  • Planning
    • Grant Consultation
    • SWOT Analyses
    • Strategic Planning
    • Directional Gain Planning
    • Program Implementation